The club has many policies in place to guide committee members and staff on the management and day to day running of the club. The most relevant of these are listed below. Additionally, there are a variety of policies relating to specific issues that arise from time to time.

Although these rules, regulations and policies may seem very daunting, they are there to help committee members in their role. They will provide the answers to most of the issues that committee members are likely have to deal with. If these don’t cover the issues then Golf Australia, Consumer Affairs Victoria and Community Clubs Victoria will probably have the answer.

Golf Australia, the governing for golf competitions and handicapping. //

Consumer Affairs Victoria, the governing body for Incorporated Associations such as ours.

We are also a member of Community Clubs Victoria which has even more resources available to assist committees. These are only accessible with the club login and password which is made available to committee members.

Finally, an Open Letter from a past Captain, President and Secretary on what you are likely to experience as a member of the committee of the Garfield Golf Club.